Monday, August 5, 2013

5 Delicious Water Infusions to Keep You Hydrated

There's nothing quite like the refreshing feel of water to nourish your body. Whether you are drinking it, swimming in it, or bathing in it, water does wonders for the soul.  I also find myself "prescribing" water a lot to my family for anything that ails them.  If someone has a stomachache, the answer is, "DRINK MORE WATER!". If someone has a headache, "HERE, HAVE A GLASS OF WATER!".  If someone is feeling stuffed from too much food, "WATER, STAT!".

Water, in my opinion, tastes great on its own, but when you are drinking water all the time, like anything else in life it can become boring.  Here are 5 great water infusions to mix up your glass and keep you singing water's praises for the rest of the summer.

#1  Cucumber Lemon Mint - One of my favorites, provides management of water weight, reduces bloating, and aids in digestion. Cucumber, rich in B vitamins, also helps you to feel full and acts as a natural diuretic. Fresh mint aids in digestion and calms the stomach.

#2  Fat Flush Water - Featured on The Biggest Loser by Kim Lyons. Similar to my cucumber lemon mint, it adds a different citrus flavor. Replace the lemon with grapefruit and tangerine slices. The longer it sits, the more infused it gets.

#3  Rosemary Raspberry - Rosemary has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain and helps to increase concentration. Add with delicious raspberries for a medicinal, flavorful treat! We froze some whole raspberries directly into the ice cubes for a little added fun.

#4  Water with a Splash of Cran - Cranberry helps keeps the bladder and urinary tract healthy as it has a mild antibiotic effect.  Make sure you are either infusing your water with whole fresh cranberries or 100% cranberry juice. The label on your juice should read no other ingredient. I like this brand by R.W.Knudsen.

#5  Blueberry Orange - Ever had a slice of blueberry orange loaf for breakfast?  This is reminiscent of that without the calories!   See post on blueberries for nutritional information.

What are some of your favorite water infusions?  I'd love to hear!  Comment on this post to get the conversation started.

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